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The following F codes are codes used by Fluka.

F1 Sensitive to air and humidity. F19 Lachrymator.
F2 Sensitive to air and CO2. F20 Not to be swallowed.
F3 Hygroscopic. F21 Sensitive to humidity.
F4 Do not heat over …°C. F22 Keep dust-free in the dark.
F5 Dry material may explode. F23 Sensitive to air.
F6 Reacts with acids. F24 Spontaneously flammable with alcohol.
F7 Keep under CO2. F25 Keep under CO.
F8 Photosensitive. F26 Before distillation test for absence of peroxides.
F9 Keep under nitrogen. F27 Cool before opening.
F10 Keep under argon. F28 May become cloudy (Polyformaldehyde).
F11 Keep under inert gas. F29 Spontaneously flammable when dry.
F12 Shake before use. F30 Sediment unavoidable.
F13 Malodorous. F31 Do not puncture.
F14 Carefully observe warning label. F32 Avoid contact with heavy metal salts especially iron salts.
F15 Limited shelf life. F33 Causes fall in blood pressure.
F16 Decomposes easily. F34 Sensitive to CO2.
F17 May decompose by explosion. F35 Narcotic effects.
F18 Must be handled by instructed people only. F36 Extremely sensitive to air.